Adhesive – What Is It and Where Did It Come From?

Adhesive comes in many forms. It causes adherence and is used in many applications. The construction sector is one of the greatest users of adhesives worldwide. The first glues were from natural sources namely trees. Some of the first instances of adhesive use can be assigned to prehistoric times in the repair of pottery.


Rite Power-X Adhesive Project

Another completed project using Power-X. Lynton from Albany Fine Furniture gives his feedback: Please see attached images of our latest install using your Rite Power-X at Albany Campus. It was used to stick the feature plywood panelling to a pre-painted Gyprock wall – works well & looks amazing!!! I must admit I was a little […]


How Do Sealants Compare To Adhesives ?

The terms, sealants and adhesives, are often used for the same products. The prime use for sealants is sealing joints. Adhesives bond two elements together, whether it be elastic or hardening adhesive. Sealants compared to adhesives is a commonly raised question. The key question is using the right product for the right application. Aspects of […]

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Glue – What Type Should I Use?

Glue is a wide topic when you start matching types for different applications. As well as matching type to useage, product names can’t always be relied on, as glue can be known as adhesive or silicone. Types of Glue The secret to a successful project is matching the properties to the use. For example, siliconeis […]

Mirror Adhesive

Installing Mirrors With Mirror Glue

Why Mirror Glue or Mirror Adhesive? Mirror adhesive is ideal for use in residential or commercial applications. Using an adhesive or glue such as Ritetack means that no fixings are visible. An instant grab adhesive also reduces labour costs through reducing install time. It also minimises install props such as timber which is another cost […]


Adhesive Tensile Strength

Adhesive tensile strength relates to the adhesive once it is cured. When this adhesive specification is tested, it looks at the vertical force on the adhesive until it breaks apart. A high tensile strength means a strong adhesive.


Initial Tack of Adhesives and Sealants

Initial tack is one of the most important features of adhesives and sealants. A high tack adhesive means that larger weights will be held without slippage while the adhesive is drying. It defines the ability of a wet adhesive to hold materials in place while the adhesive cures, without the material slipping or moving. Initial […]


What Does Adhesive Modulus Mean?

Adhesive modulus relates to the flexibility of an adhesive when dry. Adhesive with a high modulus means that the adhesive will dry very stiff and rigid. Low modulus adhesive means that it will dry more flexible. High modulus adhesive will have a high level of resistance to being stretched vs low modulus adhesive which will […]

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Ritetack – installing signs

Installing Signs – Ritetack instant grab adhesive proves to be the most efficient way to install signs! Ritetack allows you to eliminate unsightly screws and other fasteners giving you a perfect looking sign. This sign was put together on site. Simply concrete the 2 poles into the ground and using a couple vertical beads of […]