What Does Adhesive Modulus Mean?

Adhesive modulus relates to the flexibility of an adhesive when dry. Adhesive with a high modulus means that the adhesive will dry very stiff and rigid. Low modulus adhesive means that it will dry more flexible.

High modulus adhesive will have a high level of resistance to being stretched vs low modulus adhesive which will have low resistance.

Stretch is another term which is used when describing modulus. Being able to stretch an adhesive will mean that the adhesive has a low modulus.

It is quite often an advantage to have an adhesive with a low modulus meaning there will be flexibility in the adhesive once dried. This lends to usage in applications where there is vibration such as applications in the transport industry.

The signage industry also benefits from adhesives with low modulus since a lot of signs are installed outdoors. With wind and the weather, a little flex in the adhesive works well. It can also be seen at Install Signs with Ritetack