How to Apply Construction Adhesive

Remember, adhesive is only as good as the material you apply it to, if you apply it to painted steel then it will only adhere as well to the steel as the paint is adhered. Likewise for a brick wall, if you adhere a sign to the brick then the brick must be strong enough to hold the sign. 

Surface preparation

It is important that all dust, oil and grease is removed from any surface before applying. Ritetack will adhere even when the items are damp.

Applying Adhesive

In order to achieve instant grab you must apply the perfect amount of adhesive. Ritetack can hold 200kg instantly in a vertical position and 1000kg instantly in a horizontal position per sqm.

This is lab tested and is 100% correct however you have to apply it practically, this means if every sqcm was covered in adhesive and if all the weight was at the point of contact this is the weight it can hold. If we put it in practical terms you will reach the below conclusion for a vertical situation:

The nozzle has a precut ‘V’ grove in it so the optimum adhesive comes out for instant grab so it is important this is not cut off. When selecting a gun it is important that a heavy duty gun is selected as the adhesive is very thick which is where the adhesive gets its instant grab strength from.

A good gun will make it extremely easy to extrude. It is important to make sure that the Ritetack is applied in vertical or diagonal lines (horizontal is fine, if moisture can dissipate but doesn’t have the same initial grab strength) that don’t touch each other.

This is to eliminate moisture build up and ensure the correct curing as the Ritetack cures with moisture from the atmosphere.

Once the adhesive is applied to the material push the 2 items together so that the bead squashes down to 2-3mm thick, you will still be able to position but its best if you do this prior to pushing together.

For cleaning up spills we recommend using water and a rag, you can remove it.


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