Ritetack – installing signs

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Installing Signs – Ritetack instant grab adhesive proves to be the most efficient way to install signs!

Ritetack allows you to eliminate unsightly screws and other fasteners giving you a perfect looking sign.

This sign was put together on site. Simply concrete the 2 poles into the ground and using a couple vertical beads of Ritetack the sign was adhered to the 2 poles. No clamping, no holding and most importantly no time waiting for the adhesive to cure which reduces the man hours on the job. Ritetack instant grab adhesive also allows just the one person to install the panel where traditionally 2 people would have to do this, one holds the panel straight and level while the other screws it in place. This is no longer required with Ritetack.

Ritetack doesn’t cure immediately. Ritetack does allow you to move it around when you use force but once you have moved it into position that’s where it will stay while it cures.

Another great feature of Ritetack is that once it has cured the Ritetack will retain its elasticity. This is great when installing signs in a coastal areas because even the most erratic wind will not rattle the sign free. This is common with other cheap adhesives which go brittle after time, be sure and use Ritetack.

Ritetack instant grab adhesive – Saving you time and money!

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