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Uses for PE Foam Tape

Uses for PE Foam Tape

What uses and applications does PE Foam Tape allow for? One of the biggest challenges in the sign making industry is the ability to create 3D effects, simply because three-dimensional signage requires a lot of material in order to create a frame that looks believable and pops out. Plus, the materials used to make said frame are usually wood, metal or fiberglass, which tend to be expensive. And sometimes even heavy and difficult to work and transport.

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to get a 3D effect is using double-sided PE Foam, like our Ibex PE Foam Tape. It makes simple and affordable to create layered molding instead of using expensive and bulky frames made of other materials.

Other applications for PE Foam Tape

Not only but PE foam tape is extremely effective at absorbing vibrations and force from impact, and due to its flexibility it then reduces the chance of breakages that might happen from the use of more stiff or less flexible materials.

Due to its durability and powerful adhesive strength, it becomes one of the most versatile and affordable solution for most mounting and joining projects.

It doesn’t stop there, since Ibex PE Foam Tape can be used for:

  • Attaching signs and displays to difference surfaces and materials.
  • Plumbing related tasks, such as mounting gaskets, due to its waterproof performance.

PE foam also comes in different widths which makes it extremely versatile for most household projects.


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