Private Label

We know how expensive it can be to start your own adhesives brand. The sourcing, the testing, the logistics. Why not have your brand in products that have been tested and proven worldwide, and just focus on the marketing part? Contact us today for a quick chat on how we could help you join our Private Label scheme.

If you’re a retailer or reseller interested in selling sealants, adhesives, construction adhesives and other building and construction products, Rite Adhesives can be your manufacturing powerhouse. Private Label is a great way to develop your own adhesives brand and drive sales by working in an environment that caters to your customers.

With the expertise of Rite Adhesives, we can reduce your time-consuming and costly process for designing, developing, and distributing your artwork. That’s the magic of Private Label.

Why Private Label?

  • Less costly than starting your own brand
  • Quality that you know and trust
  • Build customer trust by selling your own branded products



On orders over $250.

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