The Differences Between Bond Failures

Explore the intricacies of bonding with MS Polymer adhesives

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Difference Between Double-sided Tapes?

Double-sided tape will do the job quickly, efficiently and without a mess!

Will Construction Adhesive Stick to Concrete?

Compatibility is one the main concerns when buying construction adhesive or glue. There’s so many...

How to use Banner Tape

First time hearing about Banner tape? You’ve used it before but just need a quick...

How to Apply Construction Adhesive

Remember, adhesive is only as good as the material you apply it to, if you...

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Including an all-in-one, easy payment option was part of our website rebuilding project. We can...

Uses for PE Foam Tape

Uses for PE Foam Tape What uses and applications does PE Foam Tape allow for?...

Adhesive Peel Test: How and why?

You might find yourself in the face of an unknown material or coating. Today we’ll...


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