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What is Acrylic Foam Tape?

Acrylic Foam Tape (such as our Ultra High Bond range) is comprised of a layer of foam core that is coated with acrylic adhesive on each side, and covered by a red liner.  It is stronger and will last longer, particularly in harsh conditions such as exposure to direct sunlight or extreme cold than most other tapes. Two key benefits of this adhesive tape are its strength and durability.

As a matter of fact, acrylic foam tape has replaced screws, rivets, adhesives, and bolts in automotive, as well as other vehicles in transportation. Previously, manufacturers were forced to use metal fasteners, however, these had a number of drawbacks including the probability of rusting over time. As an alternative, this adhesive tape, which is water-tight/air-tight and rust-free, solves two problems with one solution.

The simplicity of the design is what makes acrylic foam tapes in general so easy to handle, but actually, each component —  core, adhesive, liner — is carefully selected and engineered to perform under a range of conditions.

Foam Core: Foam is at the core of the functionality; it helps distribute the load.  Available in a range of thicknesses and weights, it provides bonding between dissimilar, and uneven surfaces. Keep in mind:  The holding strength of the bond is determined by the surface area available for taping.

Adhesive: Here, it’s the acrylic adhesive that delivers strength and durability, allowing it to meet more demanding holding requirements.

Liner: Release liners are specifically engineered to provide an easy release from the adhesion of the acrylic foam tape itself. Our red liner exists to maintain the integrity of the “stickiness” while keeping the adhesive layer protected from environmental elements during shipment, storage, and use.

While acrylic foam tapes can perform a variety of functions, it isn’t the only double-sided tape on the market.  And it may not be the right tape for your job. To check out our full range of tapes, click here!




Source: https://www.echotape.com



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