How to use Banner Tape

First time hearing about Banner tape? You’ve used it before but just need a quick refresh on how to use it? You’ve used other banner finishing options and want to try something new? We’re here to help. The video below will show you, in just 35 seconds, how to properly use and apply banner type,…

We accept most payment networks

payment networks

Including an all-in-one, easy payment option was part of our website rebuilding project. We can officially tick that box! You will now have the option to finalise your order with a credit card through our secure payment gateway (SSL), which accepts most major payment networks! For those our customers that, for whatever reason, still have…

Uses for PE Foam Tape

uses for pe foam tape

Uses for PE Foam Tape What uses and applications does PE Foam Tape allow for? One of the biggest challenges in the sign making industry is the ability to create 3D effects, simply because three-dimensional signage requires a lot of material in order to create a frame that looks believable and pops out. Plus, the…

Adhesive Peel Test: How and why?

peel test construction adhesive

You might find yourself in the face of an unknown material or coating. Today we’ll show you why and how to perform a successful (and unsuccessful) adhesive peel test when using Ritetack Construction Adhesive. In this video, we have decided to peel test Ritetack on PVC, Riteflute/Coreflute, aluminum composites with unknown coatings, raw aluminum, sheet…

New week, new website!

We thought it was time for Rite Adhesive to have a bit of a makeover – the older version was stuffed with too much content, and to be fair, a bit confusing?   Our new website comes out as clean and minimalistic – where every product and piece of information is easily accessible without having…

How to Use Double-sided Tape

how to use double-sided tape

In recent years, double-sided tape has been slowly but surely replacing glue, when it comes to fastening and mounting, both temporarily and permanently, in building and construction works of all sorts. Why? Because it’s faster to apply, holds to perfection, doesn’t make a mess and it’s easier to remove.

What is Acrylic Foam Tape?

what is acrylic foam tape

Acrylic Foam Tape (such as our Ultra High Bond range) is comprised of a layer of foam core that is coated with acrylic adhesive on each side, and covered by a red liner.  It is stronger and will last longer, particularly in harsh conditions such as exposure to direct sunlight or extreme cold than most…

Wet Wipes – The Handy Guide For 2021

Your business using wet wipes maximises cleaning efficiency. No water and no soap. This is an important solution when you need the right cleaning materials, to maintain hygiene, to ensure safe and secure operation of equipment, and to carry out a range of other crucial tasks around your premises. This leads to an important question — which cleaning materials are right for your business?