Adhesive Peel Test: How and why?

You might find yourself in the face of an unknown material or coating. Today we’ll show you why and how to perform a successful (and unsuccessful) adhesive peel test when using Ritetack Construction Adhesive.

In this video, we have decided to peel test Ritetack on PVC, Riteflute/Coreflute, aluminum composites with unknown coatings, raw aluminum, sheet metal, and polyethylene.

You will clearly be able to tell the difference between a compatible material/coating and an incompatible surface.

Note that this adhesive peel test is applicable to any of our construction adhesives and sealants and the Rite Adhesives team recommends always performing a peel test if you are unsure of the compatibility of the surface.

If you have any questions regarding our video or products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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