Save time

Ritetack reduces the time needed to complete a job as there is no waiting for the adhesive to cure.


No clamps needed

Ritetacks instant grab means you can position the material in place and be sure it isn’t going to fall down while the adhesive cures.


No screws

Ritetack reduces the need for unsightly fixings and reduces the time associated with drilling holes and screwing.


Cost effective

Ritetack reduces your cost through lower labour costs, this can be substantial.

Key keatures of Ritetack:

  • Durable, permanently elastic, high modulus, high strength
  • The adhesive solution which works with virtually all materials: aluminium, steel, timber, stone, mirrors, glass, plasterboard
  • Used by all industries including building, construction, mining, marine, DIY, general industry, glass and mirror
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly fi xings or tiresome clamping & propping
  • Significantly reduces labour time, no waiting around
  • Isocyanate-, solvent-, phthalate, PVC and silicone free
  • Totally UV, weather, water, moisture, mould and chlorine resistant
  • Odourless
  • Easy to extrude and apply with correct equipment
  • Grabs instantly to 200KGS vertically per SQM & 1000KGS horizontally per SQM when used to specifi cation
  • Cures with atmospheric humidity, which means adhesive has to be applied in stripes
  • Retains Elasticity and is paintable
  • Proven Worldwide

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